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PORT OF AVEIRO - Corporate Video

Sea Entrance - Or the embrace between salt and honey

Aveiro Ria and Port seen from the sky IV (1993)

Aveiro Port Entrance seen from the schooner Creoula

Aveiro-Cacia - Aerial Images

Tempo Figueira da Foz




 Coastal Fishing Port - By Paulo Magalhães

Coastal Fishing Port - By Paulo Magalhães
Extending 200 meters from the North Pier

Extension of north pier 200 meters from the deepening of the access channel at elevation -13.2 m.

Port Zones

With an annual throughput of around 3.5 million tonnes, Aveiro is a multi-functional port which plays a crucial role in serving a wide range of industries in its hinterland, such as the ceramics, chemical, winemaking, metallurgic, wood and derivatives industries, as well as the agricultural food and construction sectors.

Aveiro Port Entrance seen from the schooner Creoula

Aveiro Port Entrance seen from the schooner Creoula. Film by Sérgio Dias. 07.09.2004.

The Multipurpose South Terminal

This terminal registers an annual traffic of 1 million tonnes, with high rates of traffic growth. This terminal is dedicated to cement, fish, agri-products, salt, kaolin, argyles, wood products, pulp and steel products.

Container and Roll-On/Roll-Off Terminal

This terminal has excellent facilities for the potential market segments: of containers and ro-ro ships: ● 700 metres of quays ● Depths of -12 m (ZH) ● 145 902 sq of flattened land duly equipped for the installation of value added services.

Solid Bulk Terminal

Is part of the North sector of Aveiro Port. This terminal has 750 metres of quays with two dedicated areas. As for surface area, this terminal has 151 000 m² of flattened land duly equipped with infrastructures for added value services. It has an adjacent area available for investment measuring around 67 000 m².

CONTAINERS / roll on roll off

A clear focus on diversifying its business in two niche markets, the Port of Aveiro has a new infrastructure for receiving containerized cargo and ro-ro ramp. This terminal, with 450 meters of quay has a large capacity storage and transhipment of containerized cargo and accessibility for feeder vessels, with a capacity of 500 TEUs.

Liquid Bulk Terminal

This terminal has 6 Mooring posts: 3 new mooring posts each 150 metres long, with depths of -12.00m (Z.H.) and another 3 older posts, at depths of -7 m (Z.H.).
The facilities are run by different private companies who are specialised in the transport of chemical products, winemaking products, petrol products and biodiesel.

Industrial and Logistics Solutions

The main value proposition of the Port Authority of Aveiro is the supply and availability of ample land dedicated to the installation of new units of logistics and industrial subdivisions and business models as the investor. Aveiro has about 150 acres available for potential investments.

Coastal Fishing Port

This sector possesses a set of infrastructures dedicated to unloading, storage and commercialisation of the fish catch for local traders. The fish stalls and ice factory are yielded to the company Docapesca, Portos e Lotas, S.A., located next to the Coastal Fishing port and with capacity for 136 boats. It also has 1 support building and 72 warehouses for local fish traders.


Equipped with a weighing bridge with capacity of up to 60 tonnes, this terminal serves the high-sea fishing boats and fish processing industries installed in Gafanha da Nazaré and possesses 17 quay-bridges at depths of approximately -7 metres (Z.H.).

ZALI Logistical and Industrial Activities Zone

Aveiro Port has an area of 84 ha served by excellent road accessibilities, located between the ro-ro terminal and the solid bulk cargo Terminal which will be, when opened, the future ZALI – Logistical and Industrial Activities zone of Aveiro.

Port Logistic Platform - CACIA (Railway link)

Managed by APA, SA, the CACIA multimodal platform comprises 1 administrative building and 29.3 hectares of warehousing/car parks, and has a railway connection which is compatible with the European gauge. It is approximately 8.8 km from the Aveiro port terminals. It is ready for use, with the business model being finalised.

HISTORICAL ARCHIVE OF THE PORT OF AVEIRO Preserving the memory of a port and a region

The AHDAPA website availability has resulted from a process started in 2006 by the Port of Aveiro, process aimed to the inventorying, Cataloguing and preservation of the existing estate.
This was a long process (not finished yet) due to the huge number of Documents available and the accuracy required.

International cartoon exhibition «Água com Humor»

Patent in the Casa da Cultura Fernando Távora, comprehends 150 cartoons about the theme “water”. An exhibition showing how humour can be a really good instrument to get peoples attention to one of the world biggest problems on the beginning of the XXI Century.
The inhabitants of the region of Aveiro could see the winning works and all other selected cartoons for Porto Cartoon 2003 edition, following the UNESCO recommendations.
10th, May until 8th June, 2008.

Ílhavo Maritime Museum

Ílhavo Maritime Museum assembles codfish fishing-related objects in the distant Newfoundland seas, as well as instruments used in maritime and agricultural works in Ria de Aveiro. It has also an assortment of maritime ethnography and the country’s greatest malacology (seashells) collection. Planned by the Architects Nuno Mateus and José Mateus, Ílhavo Maritime Museum has won the Mies van der Rohe Prize for Contemporary Architecture in 2003.