Liquid Bulk Terminal

This terminal has 6 Mooring posts: 3 new mooring posts each 150 metres long, with depths of -12.00m (Z.H.) and another 3 older posts, at depths of -7 m (Z.H.).
The facilities are run by different private companies who are specialised in the transport of chemical products, winemaking products, petrol products and biodiesel.

Investor Information

1) Terminal with two areas available: in the 1st-line, an area of 87 000 m² located next to the three quay bridges, any operator interested in its operation must obtain an established minimum throughput of cargo/year, as well as paying an annual fee/m², in line with the tables of fees for occupation for the year in force. The second area available has a surface area of 18 452 m² and is located in the 3rd line. Attribution of this area is dependent on the completion of the cargo transport concession process in that terminal as the future concessionaire may, if interested, request its usage.

2) The terms for the concessions are attributed in accordance with the financial programme of each investment in order to guarantee the amortisation of the premises, given that these revert to APA at the end of the term.



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