Solid Bulk Terminal

Is part of the North sector of Aveiro Port. This terminal has 750 metres of quays with two dedicated areas:

1) 300 metres dedicated to the agricultural food segment

The company Socarpor (Aveiro), SA has implemented an innovative project under the brand Sograin, which aims to meet the needs of its customers with a high level of quality and efficiency at competitive costs, with the following characteristics:

- Environmentally friendly innovation
- Covered area of 20 250 m²
- Capacity for 1.2 million tonnes in 2010
- 60 000 tonnes of storage space capacity in steel silos
- 1000 tonnes/hour in unloading time
- Reception hopper with capacity for 200 m³
- Automatic cargo transfer systems between ships and silos
- Automatic weighing system
- Fully computerised control system
- Automatic weighbridges for lorries and wagons

2) 450 metres dedicated to other solid bulk cargo

As for surface area, this terminal has 151 000 m² of flattened land duly equipped with infrastructures for added value services. It has an adjacent area available for investment measuring around 67 000 m².

Aveiport (GRUPO ETE) is one of the operators of this terminal.




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