Port Zones

With an annual throughput of around 3.5 million tonnes, Aveiro is a multi-functional port which plays a crucial role in serving a wide range of industries in its hinterland, such as the ceramics, chemical, winemaking, metallurgic, wood and derivatives industries, as well as the agricultural food and construction sectors.

Aveiro Port is the most recent national port infrastructure, and for this reason is today a well-organised and integrated port area from the territorial point of view, without any congestion issues, and which is furnished with:

- 5 Terminals set up to transport all kinds of goods;

- 2 specialised Terminals for fisheries;

- Logistical Activities and Industries Zone (called ZALI, project integrated into the National Logistics Plan)

- CACIA Logistical and Railway Platform, in Aveiro

- One of the highest mooring capacities for multiuse terminals of national ports;
- A large flattened land surface area.


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