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Logistical and Industrial Activities Zone

Aveiro Port has an area of 84 ha served by excellent road accessibilities, located between the ro-ro terminal and the solid bulk cargo Terminal which will be, when opened, the future ZALI – Logistical and Industrial Activities zone of Aveiro.

The ZALI will be an intermodal logistical platform with the goal of facilitating the implantation of logistical operators and companies for which the nearness of the port brings an added competitive factor and added value to their products. This platform shall have 1 080 metres of mooring quay with depths of -12 metres.

The ZALI business model is totally flexible and studies, case by case, through the planning of solutions tailor-made for each customer.

Investor Information

1) The 1st-line area has plots of land of around 60 000 sq m, which may be used to build private quays. Any operator interested in its operation must obtain an established minimum throughput of cargo/year, as well as paying an annual fee/m², in line with the tables of fees for occupation for the year in force. In the 2nd-line areas non-polluting units may be installed, which do not have any minimum throughput of cargo/year, with only the payment of the annual fee/m² necessary;

2) The terms for the concessions are attributed in accordance with the financial programme of each investment in order to guarantee the amortisation of the premises, given that these revert to APA at the end of the term. The throughput at this terminal is chiefly metal products, cement, paper paste and food products.

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