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Container and Roll-On/Roll-Off Terminal

This terminal has excellent facilities for the potential market segments: of containers and ro-ro ships:

● 700 metres of quays
● Depths of -12 m (ZH)
● 145 902 sq of flattened land duly equipped for the installation of value added services.

Investor Information

1) APA, SA intends to establish with private firms a flexible model of collaboration that encourages and stimulates container and ro-ro cargo activity;

2) Terminal with potential for 500 metres of expansion of quays, in a front-line area of flattened land (area with dedicated quay) and second-line (land area), with 50 442 m² and 51 564 m² respectively.

3) In the 1st-line areas, any operator interested in its operation must obtain an established minimum throughput of cargo/year, as well as paying an annual fee/m², in line with the tables of fees for occupation for the year in force.

4) In the 2nd-line areas non-polluting units may be installed, which do not have any minimum throughput of cargo/year.

5) The terms for the concessions are attributed in accordance with the financial programme of each investment in order to guarantee the amortisation of the premises, given that these revert to APA at the end of the term.